Friday, 9 June 2017

Sitting the Mid Term Exams

Maths: Maths exams was alright I struggled most but made it to the end. Throughout the whole test I think that it was fine to me because, the questions were hard to solve and was hard to understand.

Science: Science exams, I struggle most at. To be very honest, in my opinion Science is my worst subject ever but at the same time I think that, I have high marks because I didn’t give up on the questions.

English: English exams was good. I think that I did good on this test because I had good answers. I think that I have succeed this test because, I knew what we had to do straight away and I was focused on the test.

Maori: Maori exams I could handle. I’m positive that I did my best, I think that I am pretty good at Maori Language because the test was the fastest test I’ve ever done.

Social Studies: Social Studies exams was pretty good because I could understand the text and I could answer it very quickly. What I liked about this exam or test is that we got to talk and write about the Tokelauan and I was pretty confident to do this test because I studied hard at home.

Throughout the whole exams I think that It was a nightmare because It was for 2 hours each test. I think that the test was alright at the same time also but was pretty long because back In primary It was like half an hour.

I really want to know what mark I got so that If I got bad ones I can learn from that mistake and can move on so I can do better in the next exam that will be coming up. I expect myself of having good marks at all subjects because I tried my best.

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