Monday, 22 September 2014

My Creative Writing.

Hello Here is a Chapter I did in class it is about this girl who LOVES making music but her Dad wants her to join something so that she could make lots and lots of friends. Any way I hope you enjoy and please leave me a comment Thank you and Enjoy. “O.M.G I am moving to a Motel” shouted Becca. Becca was moving to a motel with her dad. Her roommate was Genny Bean. Becca is a girl who LOVE making music. The reason why they moved because Becca’s dad Mitchell wanted her to join something instead of staying home making music and watching TV. Becca went around the Motel and was checking things out.

These girls named Abbey and Chloe was looking for some girls if they could join the Baden Bella group. So they went to look around and found Becca walking they said “ Hey do you wanna join our Baden Bella group” “oh now you are asking me I don’t wanna I mean it seems LAME because you guys do the same dance every year and everyday so NO’’ said Becca in a grumpy voice. After a few days they had a singing competition who will be in the Barden Bella group or in the Troublemaker group. There was lots and lots of students there so they had to take half of them. The first song they were singing was could ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM by Carly Rae Jepsen.


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