Monday, 15 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey

                                        Summer Learning Journey, Week 2

To Ashley Munu,
I will be going to voyage to a different country in a Waka with my family. I am very agitated to go on this ride because it is my first time experiencing boat/waka. I am hoping that while we are on the waka it will be sunny and hope there will be no rain pouring among us. I am not really comfortable in leaving but once I'll get used to it, I think I will be alright. I am not only nervous but sad to leave you behind and other close families and friends. Hope to see you soon and please reply back.

From your Friend,
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1 comment:

  1. Kia ora Rowana,

    You did so well in this letter, I liked how you did write about your feelings as this made you written really engaging and authentic.
    For the future, I want you to consider adding an image of a waka at the sea to illustrate your post.

    Good job in here.

    Kia kaha,